5-6 month old rough routine

Sjoewee, life has gotten hectic! My husband has been traveling for the past three weeks, Emily is going through a phase where she wants Mommy close, and Lara is obviously needing less sleep as she gets older, so she also needs more attention. Some days it feels like I’m running around headless! So this is […]

Messy play/Valentine’s crafts for toddlers <3

Messy play is an incredible thing: while having tons of fun, children are also developing skills and learning things! The benefits of messy play deserve their own blog post, but some of these include developing fine motor skills, problem solving, promoting creativity and even helping to develop teamwork skills. With Valentine’s Day coming up it […]

3 – 4 month old rough routine

Newborns are relatively easy.. they sleep a lot, feed a lot and need a lot of nappy changes. As babies grow older, their needs change. They are able to stay awake for longer pockets of time, and need more stimulation in that awake time. From around 12 weeks, you may start noticing that your baby […]

The importance of gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are skills that are developed through use of the large muscles of the body, giving them the ability required to control these large muscles (mainly arms, legs and torso). Some examples of these are: Crawling Walking Jumping on a trampoline Climbing Running Skipping Movement, or physical activity, is thus an essential factor […]