5-6 month old rough routine

Sjoewee, life has gotten hectic! My husband has been traveling for the past three weeks, Emily is going through a phase where she wants Mommy close, and Lara is obviously needing less sleep as she gets older, so she also needs more attention. Some days it feels like I’m running around headless! So this is going to be a short post just to keep you updated with the routine that we try to follow with Lara.

I should add, I’ve said “try” in big with a big emphasis. With Emily I always made sure that nap times were nice and quiet, and I watched her all the time for the first signs of tiredness. With Lara, I try roughly to follow the 2 to 2 1/2 hour awake time guide, but life is busy with two children.. so we’re very flexible! Some days Lara still wants to nap after being awake for an hour, and other days she wants to stay awake for three hours. I follow her lead a lot, and I do let her sleep her carrier a lot of the times. In the cover picture for this post, you can see she has just been put down after falling asleep in her carrier.

Ok, so! Here is the very rough routine we are trying to follow for this period:

07h00 – Awake and milk feed (Lara still breastfeeds so we feed on demand. If you are formula feeding, follow the instructions on how often you should be feeding).

08h00 – Playtime

*This is usually our “weird” period of the day

So at around 09h00 (generally two hours after Lara wakes up) is when Lara is due for a nap. I say this is our weird period because sometimes she’s already asleep at 08h00, and other times she is good to go for another hour. A lot of babies nap up to two hours, but Lara usually catnaps in the morning.

10h00 – Awake and milk feed.

11h00 – Playtime.

12h30 – Nap (this is usually Lara’s really good nap, she usually naps for about 2 1/2 hours here).

15h00 – Awake and milk feed.

16h00 – Playtime.

17h00 – Nap (usually around an hour long).

18h00 – Awake and milk feed.

18h30 – Bath time.

19h00/19h30 – Bedtime

Solids – If you have introduced solids (as per your paed or healthcare provider), you can add the feeding time into the routine. It’s ideal to wait about 45 min after a milk feed to allow that feed to settle.

Usually babies around this age do two long naps and then a catnap in the afternoon, but Lara doesn’t follow that, so we work on what works best for her.

Hopefully you’re finding the right rhythm for your little one, and if not I hope our rough routine can help you out!

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