Losing keys in plain sight must be my hidden talent

I can say it only started when I became a Mom.. but I would be lying. I can put a key chain on them or I can have a specific section in my handbag for them, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll still manage to “lose” my car keys. And for all of those 9 times, they’ll be somewhere right in front of me.

So let’s just say since I’ve become a Mom it’s become a lot easier to lose track of my keys or my wallet, or things in that vein. I’ll be popping a child in a car seat and will just quickly put the car keys down, only to search for them later for 5 minutes. Or I’ll be so sure I moved my wallet from the baby bag back to my handbag.. but it’s just not there, and it’s not in the baby bag either. Only it is still there, the bag is just too full for me to see, or I’ve looked too quickly.

Gammatek, a South African company distributing Branded Technology Accessories have made available a product that will be the solution to my problem! Orbit is the ultimate tool to locate your portable possessions. An Orbit is a small disc-shaped Bluetooth tracker that is either stuck on, or attached to valuables, depending on which of the three varieties of Orbits you are making use of. The three different Orbits are:

  • Orbit Stick-On: these are perfect for your cellphone, any remote controls or tools, as these are literally stuck on to the item.
  • Orbit Card: these Orbits take the shape of a card and can be slipped into your wallet or a card holder in your bag.
  • Orbit Keys: Orbit keys are designed specifically for key rings as attachments.

These Orbits are then linked with a downloadable Orbit App, from which you can make your Orbits ring (if in range) or use GPS (when out of Bluetooth range of 30 metres) to check last known locations of the Orbits. You can also find your phone by making it ring, even when it’s on silent by pushing a button on the side of one of your Orbits!

This concept is relatively simple, but can be an amazing time-saver when you have to be somewhere soon with the kids, or if you need to get home for nap time and can’t find your keys or phone. It’s so easy to misplace something when you’re juggling LOTS, and it gives incredible peace of mind to know there’s a solution! If you’d like more information on the Orbit range, or would like to purchase one, you can visit Gammatek’s website.

Here’s to those keys that will no longer be hidden!

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