Smitten Slumber night time nappy review

I’ve used modern-day cloth nappies on Emily since she was born, but have never really gotten into night time cloth diapering. Before she was sleeping through the night, I used a cloth nappy once or twice, purely because I knew I would have to get up change a nappy anyway, and didn’t need something to last a full night. Since then, I really have been a) too nervous to try cloth at night and, b) a bit lazy.

Recently I won a night time nappy through Smitten Baby Boutique by naming their new nappy, the Smitten Slumber. I’ve used the nappy for two nights now and was so, so impressed by it and thought others would benefit from reading a review on it.

Photo from Smitten Baby Boutique Facebook page

The Smitten Slumber is made out of hemp, which is an extremely absorbent and soft material, making it ideal for little cloth bums! It has taken me a bit longer to use hemp nappies over other materials, but you really can see the absorbency and softness difference. The nappy comes in two sizes: newborn and one size fits most (OSFM). They are snapless, so you would need a snappy to keep it closed, and you would need a cover for the nappy as well.

I used the OSFM for Emily, which consists of between 21-26 layers (the newborn consists of 16-19 layers) and, despite it obviously being bulkier than a daytime nappy, was super trim and fitted her so well! You are able to remove layers as required, making it fully customizable. You are also able to adjust the fit to your baby’s size which ensures that there are no gaps for leaks, and that it is fitting nice and snug and comfy.

Emily is a medium night wetter (output of between 200ml and 400ml) most nights. The first night we used it, it was on the bum a total of 13 hours, and 12 the next use. Both times the nappy was pretty much just damp the next morning – it definitely has the capacity to hold so much more liquid without any leaks. I would love to see the results of a heavy wetter using it! As you are able to remove the layers, drying time of this nappy is so quick. I usually wash nappies every 2-3 days, so I will definitely be purchasing two more of these for night time use (no more sposies finally!).

If you would like to purchase your own Smitten Slumber, or would like to take a look at any of the other products supplied by Smitten Baby Boutique (they have a wide range of products, ranging from cloth nappies to baby and toddler shoes) click here.

I will be doing a post in the near future all about cloth nappies, how to use them, and the benefits of using them, so keep an eye out for that!


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