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Goals versus Resolutions

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful festive season and New Year. I had every intention of posting this on the 1st January 2018 but have only managed to get around to it now, after deciding to enjoy my holiday a little bit into 2018.


I’ve always been one for New Year resolutions, most of them being the usual superficial ones. And I stick to them. Until probably the 10th of January if I’m lucky. So this year I’m going for a different approach and setting goals for what I would like to achieve within myself for 2018.

So just quickly, let’s look at the difference between a goal and a resolution:

           Goal: noun: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

           Resolution: noun: the firm decision to do or not to do something.

Looking at these definitions it all makes sense to me why I, personally, would respond to the idea of a goal more than that of a resolution. I don’t like rigidity and a strict routine, and I like having a well-thought out plan that I can implement and achieve results without feeling restricted.. So why would I want something that would take away from this? I’m not saying this way of thinking is for everyone, but it’s what works for me and how I thrive. Obviously if it were a harmful practice I were trying to get rid of, it would require a different approach.. but I would never use New Year resolutions in that way in any case.

Being goal-oriented helps you focus on the bigger picture.. what you want to achieve. You’re not necessarily going to become despondent after eating a chocolate if your goal is to become healthier in general. But eat a chocolate after you’ve made a resolution to lose 5 kg in a week, and that’s a whole different ball game. In my case, if I strayed from a resolution it was a done deal – I couldn’t come back from it. Whereas if you have goals, whether they be short-term or long-term goals, any deviation from it could be used as a learning curve or as growth.

So, just for a bit of accountability, these are my goals for 2018 that I will be working towards:

1) Work on my patience towards others
Plain and simple, my goal here is to be a bit more patient towards those around me. This isn’t something that will happen overnight, but it is definitely something I would like to work on.

2) Find a form of exercise that I enjoy and do it 
I should probably add that I should do it regularly as well 😉 I know exercise is extremely important, but I just find that I don’t enjoy conventional exercise. So I would like to find something I enjoy doing that will help to keep me fit and healthy, and something that is sustainable.

  3) Do more of what I love 
I want to be able to spend time each day doing what I want to do, and doing things that make me happy. Life is so short, and I don’t want to look back one day and realize that I have missed opportunities to do what I love. Adult responsibilities aside, I think that this is a huge goal for me this year.

4) Redefine what success means to me and learn to live it 
Basically here I want to form a clear picture in my mind of how I want my life to be like, with the things I value most at the forefront. And I want to live it! I want to be able to look at my life and be as close to 100% happy with it as possible.

Just to reiterate, obviously we’re all very different and respond differently to situations. So for some of us, the idea of resolutions might work.  I try my best not to be too hard on myself and I try to live my life in a way which makes me happy, by doing things that make me happy. I want to move away from the whole idea of “punishing” yourself in order to achieve things, and rather receive rewards by reaching goals.

I hope 2018 is a beautiful year for you all, and that it’s successful in whichever way you count your success. I promise that we will provide lots of interesting content throughout the year! If there are any topics that you would like covered, please comment on any of our social media or right here on the blog. Please also let me know whether you will be following goals or resolutions for the year, and if so, what they are!



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