Smitten Slumber night time nappy review

I’ve used modern-day cloth nappies on Emily since she was born, but have never really gotten into night time cloth diapering. Before she was sleeping through the night, I used a cloth nappy once or twice, purely because I knew I would have to get up change a nappy anyway, and didn’t need something to […]


I feel incredibly blessed to have started up Raising Rem when I did, as the blogging community really seems to be growing in Port Elizabeth. Obviously, as to be expected from the Friendly City, these bloggers are all about helping others out in growing their blogs, and learning all they can – which is why […]

Baby number TWO!

This post has taken weeks or rather, months to write, all because of needing to figure out my own emotions, and deciding how honest to be. Well here we are, some 6 months later! Once Emily got to about 9 months old, I knew for sure that I wanted more children. I loved spending time […]

Flying With Children

First of all, a big hello from us at Raising Rem! We have been very quiet the past few months, with lots going on in the background. All will be revealed in future posts, but for today we are discussing Flying With Children. I myself haven’t had the opportunity to fly with Emily as yet, […]

Goals versus Resolutions

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful festive season and New Year. I had every intention of posting this on the 1st January 2018 but have only managed to get around to it now, after deciding to enjoy my holiday a little bit into 2018. I’ve always been one […]